{{excerpts of old}}

…. don’t remember we’re all-powerful, but instead (just for excitement), we think the dream is real and that we are limited?  Just until we wake up.  And wouldn’t we provoke entertaining stories and drama, just because we knew it wouldn’t be real?  We would wake up?

And, listening to this, it sounded so reasonable.  It didn’t seem far-fetched or completely impossible– in fact, it sounded exactly like us.  We create stories and plays and movies– all for our entertainment and because we have the creative ability.  It’s in our nature to ‘make-believe’. and if ‘it’ comprises us or we are ‘it’, doesn’t that mean it’s in ‘his’ nature?

To push the limits?
Test ourselves?

But when does it end?

I know that I will be absorbed again, because everything goes back to whence it came, but do I have an ‘objective’ first?  Do I have to ‘prove myself’ first?  That’s ridiculous!  If I am ‘it’ and ‘it’ is me, then I have already ‘proven’ myself by showing up.  If I am ‘it’ and ‘it’ is me, then there’s nothing to prove.  Unless I’m bored and as a part of my game I’ve assigned myself an objective to ‘spice things up.’ 

They’ve discovered that we’re like a hologram, a projection off of the all-consuming black hole.  If we are just a projection of ‘it’ playing a game, then what’s the point of

— I was going to say of ‘playing’, but I remember.  The point is for entertainment.

So then — what’s the point of being sad if it’s not real?

If this is a game (or ‘dream’), then there are ‘shortcuts’ or ‘cheats’.  There always are.

But, if this is a game, it’s to enjoy.  Not just to challenge, but also to revel in.

So, if I am ‘god’, or a manifestation of ‘me’, what would I want to do with this character?  I mean, clearly I wanted this personality and this build, these parents, and then provided a range of outcomes for myself.  — maybe in multiple universes for various endings.  And since I am unlimited, why wouldn’t I do this?  Making myself into this, uncountable versions and characters?

So the rules of the game:

  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • With the measure you give/judge, you’ll be given/judged the same measure (you reap what you sow).

So where does love fit into all this?
And compassion?

Games are about entertainment and achievement.  How does love and compassion fit into that?



My favorite part of finding this is that I no longer identify with this perspective.  The Questioner has been found as an apparition; the Answer was always there.

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